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crossing borders interview
( 2009 / broken frontier)

check out a new english speaking
mawil-interview by bart croonenborghs
for broken frontier / crossing borders,
dealing with some general questions
and the new english speaking publications
( and carefully corrected into well phrased
english by bart - much better than mawil
couldt have said it ;-)

>> http://www.brokenfrontier.com/...

comics :

home and away
( 2011 / blank slate )

In this collection of short stories mawil takes
us through his early years growing up in east
berlin and the changes that have occurred since
the wall came down. see him fight video-game
addiction and strive to improve his first car or
watch as he discovers what the life of a graffiti
artist is like when you fail to keep one step
ahead of the law. in the longest strip, ‘welcome
home’, mawil and his new found friends head
out on a summer holiday with more than
a passing eye for hippy chicks and their daily
naked yoga routines.

96 pages, color and b/w


978-1-906653-22-4 £11.99

the band
( 2011 / blank slate )

crash, pling, twang– the unruly sounds of a
new band are slowly melded into a tight unit
that can slay any audience. well, at least in
the school gym or church meeting hall.
watch as mawil relives his experiences in
search of rock stardom – always just a finger-
nail out of reach. witness as girls crowd round,
the perfect sound is striven for and ‘white label’
guitars become the instruments to die for.
a delightful trip through schoolday dreams,
enduring friendships and the search for that
golden moment of inspiration…

80 pages


978-1-906653-15-6 £8.99

sparky o'hare - master electrician
( 2008 / blank slate )

sparky o'hare is a translation of
mawil's charming, silly and often very
funny rabbit electrician ( published as
meister lampe
in germany, which is funny
in its native language but doesn’t translate
so well in english, hence the re-naming)
- one of many guises mawil has used
his supa-hasi character in.
the book itself is a very neat smaller
format (perfect gift-size!) edition with
funny jokes, an ongoing story at it's
heart and some of the loveliest,
most natural and vivacious
you'll see.


978-1906653033 £ 4,99

we can still be friends
( 2008 / blank slate )

you sit next to her in sunday school, meet her at
summer camp, spend the first year away from
home with her as a flatmate. you're intoxicated,
excited, obsessional - you're in love. Then the
dreaded words "we can still be friends".....
in 4 very funny, bittersweet episodes mawil
explores that crushing moment we've all
experienced when our hopes and dreams are
dashed, our stomachs turned inside out and
we want the ground to swallow us up.

click the cover for more ...

978-1-906653-01-9 £ 7,99 / US $ 12,99

beach safari

beach safari
( 2003 / top shelf )

... is a surreal tale of a male bunny "stranded"
on an island with three beautiful young girls.
and beneath the graphic novel's charming
tale of summer vacations
, sunbathing and
friendship, runs a stirring examination of
self-esteem, loneliness, and the metaphorical
concept of being marooned.
this one will take you by surprise!

click the cover for more ...

1-891830-40-6 $ 9.95

 more english-speaking stuff / compilations :


(2003 / stripburger)

90 international artist worked for this
special 400-pages-"war"-issue by slowenians
most famous comic-zine, like blanquet (cover), anderson, baudoin, squaz, wittek, claus and
ulf k, but also the monogatari-members harder,
pfeiffer, lust and mawil . there was also a nice
exhibition touring to the comic-festivals.
- unfortunately sold out !

400 pages , popup-softcover + sticker,
20 euros = 20 dollars ?
isbn: 961-91025-1-7


at the 9th of february 2012
mawil will be at the goethe-institute
of san francisco

isn't that amazing ?

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